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EndoAcademy will launch in July 2015 a new format, 5 days intensive learning! This will create a new possibility to people abroad. All classes are in English and intended to be intense and with a lot of hands-on time! You will have 6 instrumentation systems to learn and MASTER! The course will take place in the Hotel Inspira Santa Marta right (in the center of the city, near the Historical old town and the São Jorge´s Castle) creating the perfect ambient for learning and spend some time visiting around! 

The EndoAcademy team has already mastered more than 200 dentists since 2012 in more than 14 ENDO courses!

Our team is formed by 3 Endodontists with teaching experience in the Universities all around the country. We gathered our knowledge, gathered our ideas and created a single MIND that can teach you and provide you the Endodontic skills your dream about.

When people describe our courses they say its almost like learning from friends, and thats why we call EndoAcademy, a FAMILLY! 











Filipe Aguilar


Graduated in Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde -Sul 2000

Assistant Professor of Histology in Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde -Sul from 2000 to 2007 

Master in Endodontics - Universitat Internacional da Catalunya - Barcelona(2004)

Assistant Professor of the Post-Graduate Program in Endodontics at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Author and co-author of several scientific papers and posters nationally and internationally. 







Miguel Albuquerque Matos


Graduated in Universidade Fernando Pessoa, 2005

Master in Endodontics - Universitat Internacional da Catalunya - Barcelona(2008)

Invited Assistent of the Endodontics Department in the Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde, UFP 

Clinical pratice limited to Endodontics

Author and co-author of several scientific papers and posters nationally and internationally.






Endodontic Diagnostic, pulp and peridontal pathology.

Rubber dam, clamps and techniques to make isolation simpler.

Root Anatomy, tooth by tooth, canals with special needs, "alarm points", the "T" shaped access cavity on the mini-molar, C-shaped molar, and the anatomical variations of the lower premolar, Dens-in-Dent.

Endodontic access with ultrasonic tips, special extensions in the access cavity. Guidance groove technique. Mesio-buccal 2 on the upper molar, strategies to located and to prepare. The Medio-Mesial canal on the lower molar. 

Manual and rotary instrumentation principles.

The glide-Path. The importance of the Scout-files. 

Protaper Universal (Maillefer), know when to use, how to use, when to avoid.




Endodontic Access  with ultrasonic devices and magnification. Locating the canal orificies, locating the MB2 canal, the MM, the second canal in lower incisors. 

Instrumentation with Glide-Path files (manual and rotary) and Protaper Universal (Maillefer) in selected extracted teeth.



Endodontic Irrigation Techniques. The right needle, the perfect system, the Ultrasonic way. Powering NaOCl.

Endodontic obturation principles.

Termoplastic obturation techinques. Vertical warm condensation,  Thermafil, lateral + Tagger.

The Endodontic dangerous curvatures. The long and the abrupt curvatures. Root flexion and dilaceration.

MTA, the endodontic miracle. Sealing perforations, apexification of the inmature root. 

The Mtwo (VDW) system.




MTA use on furcal perforations of extracted teeth. Apexification of the inmature root. 

Instrumentation with the Mtwo, VDW files in selected extracted teeth.

Obturation with Thermafil, Gutta-core and Guttafusion. Obturation with B&L alfa and B&L beta system. Obturation with lateral condensation + Gutta-condensors.




Endodontic retreatment. Removing gutta-percha. Retreatment Files.

Removing posts. The fiber post destruction, the cast post and the screw post.

Cervical invasive Resorption, how to manage.

Dental traumatology.

Calcified canals as the pulp trauma response. Manage and solutions. The pulp stone.

The Reciprocating Era. The epiphany?

The Reciproc (VDW) system.




Using the ultrasonic tips on the removal of posts. Destroying fiber posts.

Instrumentation with the Reciproc (VDW) files in selected extracted teeth.

Endodontic Retreatment.



Intentional Reimplantation.

Breaking an instrument. How to avoid, how to solve. Understant why it happens and where.

The ledge, how to pass it and how to solve it. 

The Bypass. Technique and how to do it.

The Removal. Is it worth it?

Removal Systems available in the market.

Protaper Next system (Maillefer). The new generation files. Is a square better than a triangle?

TF Adaptive system (Sybron)




TF Adaptive system (Sybron)

Breaking an instrument. 

Bypassing a broken instrument. 

Removing a broken instrument.

Passing a ledge.

Instrumentation with Protaper Next (Maillefer) in selected extracted teeth.


DINNER. Diplomas ceremony.



Endodontic infection. Bacteria and other canal habitants.

Single Visit Endodontics. Is the Calcium Hidroxide still a good choice for internal medication?

Pediatric Endodontics.

Endodontic Revascularization, bring a tooth back to life or just a Myth?

The endo-perio problem. 

The HyFlex system. The metal evolution. When to use a pre bendable Ni-ti File.




Instrumentation with the Hy-Flex system on selected extrated teeth.

The revascularization technique. 

Techniques to apply calcium hidroxide and to remove using Canal Brushes (Roeko).

Single Visit Endodontics.